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The publication activities of INSA have the roots to the depth of Academy’s foundation in 1935 as being one of the key activities of the Academy. The activities encompass publication of three leading journals namely the Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy , the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) and the Indian Journal of History of Science (IJHS). In addition, the Academy publishes its Year Book, Annual Report, INSA News, Compendium of Fellows and Biographical Memoirs of deceased Fellows from time to time, Special Publications and INSA Seminars/Symposia proceedings in a regular way. The Academy has constituted a Publication Advisory Board (PAB) for rendering valuable guidance for strengthening the publication activities. 
Publication Advisory Board (2023)
Professor Ashutosh Sharma, President (Chair)
Dr Madhu Dikshit, Vice-President
Dr Amit Ghosh, Vice-President
Professor DV Khakhar, Vice-President
Professor NK Mehra, Vice-President
Professor Sanjay Puri, Vice-President & Editor Procee.
Professor SR Wadia, Vice-President
Professor Rahul Roy, Editor, IJPAM
Professor K Ramasubramanian, Editor, IJHS
Professor DM Banerjee, Editor, BM
Professor D Balasubramanian
Professor AR Choudhuri
Partha P Majumder
Dr DP Kasbekar

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics

The Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) is published by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). It is devoted to original research in all areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics and other related areas. It enjoys a good reputation and popularity at the international level. The journal is indexed in the Science Citation Index, Current Contents, Mathematical Reviews, INSPEC Science Abstracts (Part A), Zentralblatt für Mathematik and all the major abstracting services of the world. It has many reputed mathematicians from all over the world on its Editorial Board.
The Academy published Mathematics research articles initially in the Proceedings of INSA. But, considering the large influx of mathematical articles, the need for bringing out a separate journal in this field was felt. As a result of this the Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) came into being in January 1970. The journal was quarterly in the beginning but, due to the tremendous growth in the number of articles published, it became a monthly publication from 1973. For various reasons, it was changed to a bimonthly from 2006. It brought out an excellent Platinum Jubilee Special Volume in 2010.  Starting 2010, the journal is being co-published quarterly with Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd., and is also available on This has resulted in an enhanced visibility of the journal. There is a steady increase in the subscription reflecting the growing popularity and utility of the journal. The ranking of the journal has also gone up.  The journal adopted the Online Manuscript Submission, Editorial processing, Review and Tracking with Editorial Manager through Springerlink in April 2010. This has made the processing of the papers fast. 
 As soon as a paper is accepted, and author proofs are received, they are made available simultaneously at Online First (Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics | Online first articles ( and from a dedicated website of the journal at INSA (Indian National Science Academy ( These articles are then sold by Springer Nature to anyone who might wish to obtain full access, however, they are freely available from the web-site of INSA. All the issues starting from Vol-I is available at Indian National Science Academy (

Editorial Board: Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics (IJPAM)

Professor Rahul Roy, Editor
Professor V Arvind, Chennai
Professor Arvind Ayyer, Benglaluru
Professor Gurmit Bakshi, Chandigarh
Professor Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, ISI, Kolkata
Professor BVR Bhat, Bengaluru
Professor Indranil Biswas, Mumbai
Professor NM Bujurke, Dharwad
Professor Sameer Chavan, Kanpur
Professor SG Dani, Mumbai
Professor Clare D Cruz, Chennai
Professor Eknath Ghate, Mumbai
Professor Sudhir Ghorpade, Mumbai
Professor Sanoli Gun, Chennai
Professor AV Jayanthan, Chennai
Professor RL Karandikar, Chennai
Professor Apoorva Khare, Bengaluru
Professor Dinesh Khurana, Chandigarh
Professor Debasish Kundu, Kanpur
Professor Madhavan Mukund, Chennai
Professor EK Narayanan, Bengaluru
Professor Shariefuddin Pirzada, Srinagar
Professor KN Raghavan, Chennai
Professor K Sandeep, Bengaluru
Professor Deepayan Sarkar, Delhi
Professor Jaydeb Sarkar, Bengaluru
Professor Rudra Sarkar, Kolkata
Professor VD Sharma, Gandhinagar
Professor S Sivaramakrishnan, Mumbai
Professor V Srinivas, Mumbai
Professor B Sury, Bengaluru
Professor Vijaylaxmi Trivedi, TIFR, Mumbai
Professor GD Veerappa Gowda, Bengaluru
Professor Kaushal Verma, Bengaluru
Dr Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Production Editor

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Indian Journal of History of Science

Indian Journal of History of Science (IJHS) is published under the guidance of Indian National Commission for History of Science, set up by the Academy in 1965. The journal was first published in 1966 biannually. The articles started pouring in as the field got momentum and a lot of interest developed among the researchers working in various field of ancient, medieval and modern science in historical perspectives. It became an interesting forum for scientists, historians, sociologists, and philosophers for exchange of ideas on the evolution and characteristics of scientific concepts and technological advances. With increasing inflow of articles, the journal was made quarterly in 1984 and is being published in March, June, September, December every year. Besides research articles, the journal also publishes reports of relevant interest, book reviews, the supplements and important news articles as well. The journal is now being co-published with Springer since 2021. The Springer home page of the IJHS can be accessed on

Editorial Board for Indian Journal of History of Science
K Ramasubramanian, FNA

Editorial Board
D Balasubramanian, FNA
Robert Anderson, Canada
Paul T Craddock, UK
Michel Danino, India
Martin Gansten, Sweden
Deepak Kumar, India
John Lourdosamy, India
John Mathew, India
Clemency Montelle, NZ
Kishor Patwardhan, India
JSR Prasad, India
Anantanarayanan Raman, Australia
MD Srinivas, India
Michio Yano, Japan
Associate Editor & Member Secretary
Madhvendra Narayan

Previous Editors, IJHS
1 D M Bose (1966-74)
2 F C Auluck (1975-78)
3 L S Kothari (1979-81)
4 S K Mukherjee (1982-92)
5 S Sriramachari (1993-99)
6 S R Sarma (2000-2001)
7 A K Bag (2002-2018)
8 K Ramasubramanian (2019-)

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Editorial Board for Biographical Memoirs

Professor DM Banerjee, FNA (Editor)
Professor Sourav Pal : Chemistry
Professor Premashish Kar : Health Sciences
Professor Dhananjay Pandey : Physics
Professor NK Mehra : Immunology
Professor DP Sarkar : Biochemistry
Professor PK Seth : Toxicology
Professor Maithili Sharan : Mathematics
Professor Anurag Sharma : Engg & Tech
Professor BK Thelma : Genetics