Promotion of scientific knowledge and its application to national welfare.

Identification and nurturing of scientific excellence.

Coordination of scientific programs and initiatives between Academies, Societies, Institutions, Departments, and Services.

Promotion and safeguarding of the interests of science, science education, scientific research and scientists.

Represent India in international scientific unions affiliated to International Science Council and other bodies, through properly constituted National Committees with a pan Indian representation.

Undertake scientific work of national and international importance suo-moto, as also when it is called upon to perform by the public and by the Government.
Develop bilateral exchange programs with other academies/bodies.

Publish scientific proceedings, journals, memoirs, books and other publications to inform the public and policies based on evidences as and when, found desirable.

To promote and liaise between Science, Social Science, Industry and Humanities.

To secure and manage funds from grants and endowments for the promotion of Science.

To perform all other acts that may assist in, or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned objectives of INSA.